Know Beautiful India with these Tizen apps

WBest-Pick-Tizen-Appant to know more about India? if you are a local tourist or a foreigner planning to explore beautiful India, this app will surely help you explore and learn more about India, its people, customs and traditions, the beautiful places and people. Know the best location and food with these amazing apps for India.

beautiful INdia

See our list below and know beautiful India with these Tizen apps
Hindi English Translator – if you have plans of traveling to India, this app is a must have “Hindi English Translator”. An offline dictionary that provides fast translation of a certain term. Its a two way translator, translating from Hindi-English and vice versa.
Explore India – explore and learn more about your favorite place in India, the app provides information about its customs and traditions including the geography with images as well as bit and pieces of information about the state or territory.
Indian National Parks – are you a nature lover? love the wildlife? know more about the best national parks in India, learn its biodiversity, the wild animals that made it famous. Download India National Parks app.
Indian Festivals Calendar – if you are visiting India why not take advantage of your travel, see the beautiful places as well as experience participate in Indian festivals, see the list of amazing India Festivals with India Festivals Calendar for Tizen phone.
Taste of India – of course after a beautiful travel and exploring beautiful India, its time to rest and explore the tasteful dishes that is unique in India, see “Taste of India” Tizen app, see the collection of recipes from different parts of India.
Indian Restaurant Finder – already decided in what you would like to eat in India? Looking for that unique amazing Indian cuisine? Download this Indian restaurant finder for Tizen phone. The app is a restaurant search app that features direction to the Indian Restaurant, you can also email the owner/manager or even call. A good Indian restaurant search app with easy to use UI.

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