Chart Burner Manager for Tizen phone

See this Chart maker app for Tizen phone.”Chart Burner Manager”, a Tizen app that let you create different colorful charts for Tizen.


The Chart Burner allows you to create charts easy by just putting labels and datas. The Chart Burner Manager do have at least 3 types of data chart. “Bar Chart”, “Pie Chart”, “Line Chart”. It also has the feature to save your created chart for future use.


Here are some of the option and features:

Pie Chart – choose between Donit or Simple Chart

Bar Chart – Bard 3D, Cylinder Chart, Simple Bar Chart

Line Chart – custom bullet chart, line color chart

Every chart do have a corresponding chart description and graphics.


Description: “Chart Burner Manager”, is a financial application that helps to read back any data with a professional way.

Chart Burner Manager contains different chart models generated just by filling the form fields.

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