Samsung Tizen TV Dominated the Market for Smart Television

Market researcher GfK announced that Samsung’s smart TV running Tizen operating system is a hit among consumer, from 13% market share last 2015 to 31% this 2016, based on the market sale since November 2015.

The second position was grab by LG with their LG smart TV running WebOS, it got 13% market share followed by different companies running Android TV with only 11% market share.

Samsung HDTV Powered by Tizen – Release 2014

This is great news to Tizen OS and surprising as well, despite the fact that Tizen OS is a newcomer in the market, particularly smart TV, it was able to grab a huge slice in the smart TV market. Popular Tizen smart TV model includes SUHD 4K smart TV JU6500 and UHD smart TV JU6000.

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