Railway Train Apps for Tizen phones

Best-Pick-Tizen-AppIf you are from India and you commute on a daily basis with different public transportation. especially trains, these apps will be pretty useful to you, see the list of best Indian Railway Train apps for Tizen phones.
Train Tizen app
In India, train has is  an integral part of public transportation, everyday millions of commuters use the train to travel from home to work and vice versa. If you are using this public transportation, a mobile app is a big help to bring you the latest schedules as well as availability of trains near your station.

Here I compiled a list of Railway train apps forTizen phones, that will provide you with the latest and comprehensive list of train status right on your Tizen phone.
Train Status– quick access to PNR status, station codes, Berth and Seat Calc. National Train engineering system includes train name, the station, schedule of arrivals and delay arrival as well as location of the train.’
India Train Status – another app that provides train status, it has a simple UI that shows direct details on your train inquiry. Features quick search for train related  inquiries.


Railway Live – know the latest train details fast with this Indian “Railway Live” app for Tizen. PRovides live train status as well as the train number. It also has fair inquiry, the arrival and departure time of trains.


PNRTrain – another fast Indian railway train app, fast and smooth app for daily checking of train status. The PNRTrain tizen app features check of status, train schedules, seat availability as well as fair inquiry.

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