Must Have Scientific Calculator Tizen apps

I was doing some complex calculation last week and that requires an advanced tool not just a simple calculator that just add and subtract, In short, I need a scientific calculator to finish my work and I need it fast.

How lucky I am, I can’t find my one and only old dual power scientific calculator, the only device that I have is a Tizen phone. I guess all I need is to download a scientific calculator from the Tizen Store and continue my work, the good thing is, Tizen Store do have some good scientific calculators free to download.

Anyways, I downloaded several scientific calculator and here are some of the best in TIzen Store that is worth sharing.


Calculator – an application ready to do all your/advanced scientific calculations. Scientific mode includes square roots, generic roots, generic base logs, sines series, arc sine s series, exponentials are available.


Advance scientific calculator_e001Advanced Scientific Calculator – advanced scientific calculator is a must have tool that couples a powerful calculcator with a unit converter. The calculator comes with a base conversion tool and an equation solver.


Scientific Calculator_e001


Scientific Calculator – this calculator is helpful for you as a student to find a precise mathematical results. Can have quick access to certain mathematical functions when needed, so that’s the right choice for you.

Scientific calculator -2 Scientific calculator -1


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