FilesMaster for Gear S2

Download this file browser for your Gear S2, check out “Filesmaster”. The app for Gear S2 allows user to browse files right on your Samsung Gear S2. It is also has an option to transfer files from your watch to your phone and from your phone to your watch. FileMaster for Gear S2

According to the developer the app is the most extensive and comprehensive file explorer for Gear S2. If you want a file explorer and file view for Gear S2 the Filesmaster is the app to download

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Available operations on file/folder:

  • create/delete folders
  • copy/move/rename files
  • show / play / view (depends on file type)
  • send/share a file to phone
  • send/share a file from one watch to another one

Filesmaster can:

  • view TXT and HTML files
  • show picture files: manually one by one or slideshow
  • play video files with subtitles (watch movies on the go)
  • play all audio filessource: 

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