Ducker – New Free Game for Gear S2‏

Ducker is a unique road crossing game where you have to try and progress through forever increasingly difficult obstacles while saving you baby ducks.
Use the Bezel in the Gear S2 or the touch screen on older devices to control Ducker to save her baby ducks, collect coins and avoid obstacles. Compete for the highest score against the rest of the world.
Ducker has been rapidly climbing the download charts since its release with multiple 5 star ratings and some great customer reviews such as “Best game to play”, “There needs to be mores apps as good as this!” and “Amazing, similar to Crossy Road, only much better, far more fun.”
FlatBaby  SaveTheBabiesRoadCrossing
Whilst the style is similar to Crossy Road or Frogger, there are many elements that make Ducker unique. The game is incredibly simple to play using the Bezel to turn the player to the left, right, or forward while the player keeps hoping in the direction hes facing, this creates a challenge in itself as you attempt to cross roads, rivers and railway tracks. Theres the usual cars, trucks, logs and trains to avoid and also crocodiles, which you can ride on just like the logs. Being a duck, you can easily just jump into rivers to cross them instead of riding across crocs and logs, but get in front of a crocodile and he’ll eat your player.
You earn points for collecting coins and for every step forward you make. But what really earns you the big score is saving baby ducks, for each baby duck you rescue you get a multiplier, so rescue 2 babies and you get triple points for each step forward or coin. The multiplier only occurs for as long as they continue to follow you unharmed.
If you have a Gear S2, Ducker is a must have app and free to download.

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