Best Sudoku Games for Tizen phones

Best-Pick-Tizen-AppSudoku, Number Place its a popular number placement puzzle. If you like arranging numbers, the Sudoku game is for you. I am a fan of SuDoku game and so far we got lucky as Tizen Store do have some great Sudoku games available for free download. See the list below of great Sudoku games for Tizen phones.

Sudoku game

Sudoku Game – Play Sudoku on your phone new! Try to fill in all the empty boxes with numbers from 1 to 9, there can be only be one of each in every line.

Sudoku 2

Sudoku 2 by Relish Mobile – optimize for touch devices and comes with a solver.

Sharp SudokuSharp Sudoku – provides 3 levels like easy, medium, hard of complex Sudoku puzzle.

SUDOKUSudoku by SNV Vamis Krisha – a classic logic based combinatorial number placement puzzle. The application currently supports three levels and also comes with timer mode to help you keep trach of the time taken to solve the puzzle.

What are you waiting for? Its time to take a challenge play Sudoku game in your Tizen phone

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