Water your Body Tizen app

Stay healthy and have enough liquid into your body, keep hydrated. Have this another water/liquid monitoring app for your Tizen phone, introducing “Water Your Body”. Monitor your liquid intake by just selecting the type of liquid that you drink. The Water Your Body app not only monitor your water intake but also other liquid intake from Soda, Tea, Wine or Beer.

Water-your-body-Tizen-app Water-your-body-app water-your-bodyapp

Just set your weight and automatically the app calculates the amount of water that you need to drink. Its a good app to monitor your liquid intake, the app has a character animation that shows how much water your already swallowed. it also keeps a log record of all the liquid intake.


Description: This app reminds you to drink water everyday and tracks your water drinking habits. You only need to enter your current weight and drinking water will help you to determine how many water your fit body need everyday.

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