Voxer – 2 Way Wrist Radio for Samsung Gear S2

Voxer a company based in San Francisco announced the availability of its app for Samsung Gear S2

Voxer for Samsung Gear S2

According to the press release, it has enabled its voice messaging capability in Samsung Gear S2. With this capability users can have a 2 way wrist radio communication right on their Samsung Gear S2. By just selecting a contact and activating a button, a user can use the Samsung Gear S2 like a Walkie Talkie, the contact can reply with a message, allowing users to receive notification or voice message.

Bringing true Dick Tracy 2-Way Wrist-Radio functionality to Samsung Gear S2

Another additional feature of Voxer is the Capture Mode, were users can create and send videos and photos from within Voxer application.

“Voxer for the Samsung Gear S2 watch and our new Capture Mode make Voxer the most frictionless communication application available today”


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