Space War and Space Invaders Available for Samsung Gear S2

The most downloaded game for Android Wear is now available for Samsung Gear S2, download this fun and exciting Samsung Gear S2,   Space Invaders and Space War from Virtual GS, see details below:

Space War 2 Gear s2

Space War 2

Space War  for Samsung Gear S2


Fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens! Be prepared for the final battle!
• Move watch bezel to move the fighter
• Spaceship can takes 10 hits before destroyed.
• More than 12 stages of continuous game play! 

Invaders for Samsung Gear S2 Invaders for Samsung Gear-S2

Space Invaders for Samsung Gear S2


Use the bezel to move spaceship and fire, or tap the screen to fire.

Destroy all aliens before they reached ground.

Spaceship can takes 2 extra hits before destroyed.

Put on your headset for sound effect (unless the watch has speaker).

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