Samsung Z3 SM-Z300H_SWA_DD is the next Tizen phone

The sound of the drums for Samsung Z3 is getting louder, according to the reports the Samsung Z3 is the next Tizen phone, sources from Sammobile confirms that it will be the next one with model number SM-Z300H_SWA_DD.


The new Tizen model will be running the Tizen 3.0 a more polish OS that was shown several times during the CES and Tizen Developers Conference that was held several months ago. Right now the Samsung Z1 runs the Tizen 2.3.0 version which is sadly lack the features that we have seen on the Tizen 3.0 ( hopefully it will received updates for the 3.0).

So far no word on the release date and specifications of the Samsung Z3, but we expect it to have a better hardware and equipped with the latest sensors. For the price range rumours suggest that it will still going to be in the less $100 dollar price range to compete with other Android one phones, and other cheap phones running Android.

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