QuickExpense Tracker – Keep Track of your Expenses

Be a smart saver and spender with this simple app for your Tizen phone.

QuickExpenseTracker a Tizen app that keeps track of your expenses, keeping you on budget, the app has an intuitive UI, making it very easy to use.

QuickExpense Tracker for Tizen phone-1  QuickExpense Tracker for Tizen phone-2

Just input your monthly income, and every time you spent whether it’s for groceries, transportation, shopping, personal use or other miscellaneous expenses just key it in and it will be automatically deducted to your “Income”, showing you the amount of budget left for the month.

QuickExpense Tracker for Tizen phone   QuickExpense Tracker for Tizen phone3

If you want to keep track and see more details about your “Expenses” you can check it in via the history tab of the app. See the graph analysis of the amount you spent and income as well.  If you want to have a back –up of your data QuickExpense Tracker has an option also to export in spreadsheet.

QuickExpenseTracker Tizena app


Quick, simple expense tracker with a neat and clean UI. Notable Features: Summary of Expenses, Export income to spreadsheet, password protect your application.


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