Currency Converter for Tizen phone

Here is a very useful currency converter app for Tizen phone.

Currency Converter”, easily convert your currency from different worldwide currency fast. Convert your currency from A-Z with this app easily. Just select from the drop-down box and see the current conversion. You can also see the rate variation through graphs and learn its stats, it’s high and lows, whether it’s within a day, month or year.

Currency Converter Tizen app (1)  Currency Converter Tizen app (2)

You can also select your favorites from the list and know the latest news on the currency that you select. The app has a simple to understand UI making it very easy to use, a cool one to have if you are looking for a good currency converter.

Currency Converter Tizen app (3)


See live currency rates, charts and news. Convert between world currencies, see live exchange rates, see charts and graphs of the past behavior of currencies, you can choose to see chart for multiple duration.


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