Samsung launches $5,000 dollar Tizen SUHD TV

Finally after a month of waiting the Tizen Super Ultra HD Smart TV that was presented in CES 2015 is finally out in the market.

Samsung debuted the Tizen TV in South Korea, the new TV is powered by Samsung’s home grown operating system Tizen, the TVs come in four sizes from a very huge curve 88 inches to 55 inches model that cost $5,000 dollars.

Samsung Z1 Tizen SUHD TV

It cost too much compared to average flat screen TV’s but Samsung promised that the new Tizen TV will deliver great picture quality, excellent Tizen UI catered to easily browse and manage apps for smart TV, list of Tizen apps for social and personal used, videos and games and streaming online content. It was even demoed in CES 2015, connecting to your smartphone as well as Tizen powered cars.

According to Samsung Tizen TV is just a start for Tizen powered devices, this year they have plans to introduce washingmachines, fridges and other appliances such as air conditioners and robotic vacuum cleaners to the range of products that use the Tizen operating system.


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