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Expense Tracker app a Tizen app for the wise spender, keep track of your expenses easy.

If you are a kind of person that keeps a list of everyday expenses this “Expense Tracker” app is a good one to have on your Samsung Z1. The app has an easy to use UI, unlike other budget tracking app, that I have used in iOS and Android the expense tracker app in Samsung Z1 has all the necessary features that you need.

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The UI shows you the option in icons like Tax, Shopping, Gasoline and other everyday things where you usually spend your budget. What we love about the app is that it shows the over-all total of the expenses, by week, month and year. It also shows a line graph that shows the status of the expenses. If you are looking for a budget tracking app, the Expense Tracker is one of the best in the Tizen Store.

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The app still do have some room for improvements and hopefully on the next version the developer will add additional features and option like putting all the list in the cloud and option to sync with other devices as well. A status of expense vs budget is also a good addition. So far the app works well and we were able to keep track of your expenses on a daily basis.

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Description: Expense Tracker is a simple application for tracking your daily expenses. Use the category icon and enter the amount and quick note about your expense. Check your daily, monthly and annual expenses.

OVER ALL RATING:3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)


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