Samsung Z1 will be made in India – Noida Manufacturing Facility

I guess contrary to the news about Samsung Z1 recently, Samsung Z1 is having a good month so far in India, according to the report Samsung has already sold 50,000-55,000 units of Samsung Z1 in India since its conception last January 14, 2015.

Samsung Z1 Tizen phone

With this success Samsung is planning to manufacture the Samsung Z1 soon in their manufacturing facility in Noida, India. The facility has the capacity to produce over four million mobile phones a month and can manufacture both high end and entry level phones.

Samsung has sold about 50,000-55,000 units of Z1 since the launch on January 14. 

This is good news to India particularly to the future buyers of Samsung Z1 as they will not only have the opportunity to have a fast and easy to use phone but will also be supporting the economy by buying the phone manufactured in their own backyard.

“Samsung Z1 sales have surpassed all expectations in a highly competitive and a fiercely fought price segment, which offers consumers the widest choice,” – Asim Warsi

The Samsung Z1 phone will not be only sold in Russia and China but in other countries as well according to Asim Warsi, Samsung India vice president for marketing, Samsung is planning to launch the Samsung Z1 in Bangladesh soon.


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