Samsung Z1 Amazingly Fast, Loaded with Third Party Apps and more

We tested the first Tizen phone the Samsung Z1, so far the OS did not disappoint us its pretty good even though that it sits on low-end hardware. The OS performs fast and smooth, the UI with its flat icons looks and feel like an Android OS with a touch of Samsung Touch Wiz but much better far more better.

It is faster, its transition is very smooth, in just a few tap and swipe I already figure out the ins and outs of the user friendly UI, so far I love how the OS perform its transition and navigation is good.

Samsung Tizen phone

Well when it comes to apps, as expected the Tizen phone is preloaded with several apps already. It’s good as it allows the user to get started fast. So far there are more than 10 third party apps already pre-installed in the Samsung Z1 and some of them I guess, I might consider as unnecessary apps ( I don’t need and want it-bloatware), and I can’t remove some of them, unless I have to root the phone. I wish Samsung should allow users to remove all the apps installed if the user wants to, but to be fair the numbers of pre installed apps are just few compared to a stock Android.

Samsung Z1

So far so good for the Tizen phone, easy access to the Tizen Store, the UI is great and again I must say it’s really fast, if you are looking for a new experience and a great OS for a budget phone the Samsung Z1 fits the bill.

We will give you more updates on the Samsung Z1 and best app for the phone…. Stay tuned…



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