AKTIF Custom Watch Face for your Gear 2 smartwatch

Still looking for a good watch face for your Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo? Well your search might end with this new watch face for Gear 2, introducing AKTIF custom watch face for Gear 2 smartwatch.

AKTIF Custom Watch Face-4

Brought to you by Possible Games the AKTIF custom watch face has 6 different custom designed watch faces on one wrist, with several customizable themes and colors, you can also add your own text labeling on the watch face, with support for 24/12 hour format.

 “Looks good, the huge text makes it very easy to tell time fast! with options to customize the look of your watch face”

It’s a simple and easy to use custom watch face for Gear 2, its huge text makes it easy to tell time and the addition of battery stats and weather info on the watch face makes it more useful.

AKTIF Custom Watch Face AKTIF Custom Watch Face-2 AKTIF Custom Watch Face-3

Name: AKTIF Custom Watch Face


AKTIF! allows users to have up to 6 different custom designed watch faces on one wrist – making it an useful digital accessory to the set of real life clothing.

Notable Features:

  • Special UX design notification platform with a discreet blinking dot alert
  • Clean and simple battery level info
  • Customizable text labeling


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