Unit Converter GEAR 

Here is a cool unit converter for your wearable, check out the app “Unit Converter Gear” a comprehensive unit converter that let you convert a lot of units in an easy to use user interface. The unit converter includes a conversion from weight to mass, a capacity to volume conversion as well as distance and length, it also includes area and temperature units.

Unit Converter for Gear 2 Unit Converter for Gear 2 Neo

What we love about the unit converter is the simple user interface, the minimalist icons is also a plus. The addition of fuel consumption as well as power is also a good feature to help the users in their everyday life. No need to take your phone out just to convert, no more lengthy calculations and conversions, the Unit Converter is all that you need.

See the complete supported units of the Unit Converter app for Gear

 Supported unit categories:

  • Weight and mass
  • Distance and length
  • Capacity and volume
  • Area
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Time
  • Pressure and stress
  • Energy and work
  • Temperature
  • Fuel consumption
  • Power
  • Torque
  • Computer storage
  • Data transfer rate


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