Step Player app for Gear 2

Looking for a simple and easy to use music player for Gear 2? We’ll see “Step Player” an audio player for your Gear 2 device. The player has some unique features, unlike other player that only plays the file in random or in sequence, the Step Player has a feature that tuned to particular movements of its owner. According to the developer whether you climb, walk down, rest step, interval acceleration – the player will select the appropriate track, good for outdoor running  and exercise.

Step Player for Gear 2 Step Player for Gear 2 Neo Step Player for Gear 2 S

The app uses the built-in accelerometer of Gear 2 to scan hand movement while running, the app has a great interface, simple and easy to use, it also supports WAV, MP3 OGG and AAC files. If you are looking for a music player and fitness player in one, the Step Player is a good one to have on your Gear 2 device. If you have the Gear S smartwatch, the Step Player also supports the wearable so check it out.


 StepPlayer – is an audio player, which can choose and switch the music itself depending on the tempo run.

 Application Features:

  • accurate calibration: StepPlayer tuned to particular movements of its owner,
  • a smooth transition between switching tracks
  • a convenient BPM determining directly in the application,
  • an intuitive interface, a reference that is always at hand,
  • WAV, MP3, OGG and AAC are supported.

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