Expect to see a Tizen powered TV at CES 2015  

Although we were deprived with the much awaited Tizen phone, next year we will be having at least a consolation for a Tizen device. According to the report Samsung has a plan to unveil a Tizen powered television set at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the company will be showing features and other Tizen related stuff for smart TV.

samsung tizen tv in Korea

Although Samsung already showed a working Tizen TV prototype this year, at the CES 2015 a much more polished and fully featured Tizen TV that will be available to the consumers.


“We’ve said numerous times that people will get to meet a Tizen TV,” . “Everyone will get to see it.” – chief Kim Hyun-suk

Yes we are happy with the Tizen TV, but fans of Tizen including me still waits and wants a Tizen phone, that has been delayed numerous times, whether it’s a high end phone or a budget one, hopefully Samsung will have the guts to finally introduced it into the wild.

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