Smart Hub Gear 2 app – See Important Notifications on your Wrist

If you love to see your favorite notifications right on your Gear 2 smarwatch, you might want to check out “Smart Hub” a Gear 2 app that manage and allows you to customize your notifications in just one place.

Smart Hub app is very easy to use all you need is to drag and drop the notifications that you want, drag the tile on a smartwatch UI and organized, change the background colors and that’s it you will have all your fave notifications on your Gear 2 smartwatch.

SmartHub Gear 2 app

The app provides you an option to see the newest Tweets, the RSS feeds, see weather forecast, we also love the feature that allows us to see the last exchange rate and stock price. You can see the current speed and GPS coordinates also. The Smart Hub does have a lot of features that you would love for your Gear 2 smartwatch. Additional feature that allows us to see the current battery life, audio mode, GSM and WiFi status is a plus.

Anyways, the app is free in Samsung Gear Store so don’t hesitate to download the test the app for your Gear 2. See the video demo below of the SmartHub for Samsung Gear 2.

If you love the app I’m sure you do you can help to make it the top winner in the Samsung Gear app challenge by voting here


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