Download Tizen SDK for Wearable Beta3 1.0.0 With Support for Gear S

After the successful release of Samsung Gear S the first and the fully featured Tizen smartwatch, Samsung also updated the Tizen SDK for wearable, the new version Beta3 1.0.0 added new support for Samsung Gear S. Even though the Samsung Gear S is not yet in the market developers can now start creating apps for Samsung Gear S. The new SDK got new features and support for Gear S see some of the things that you can do with SDKs for Samsung Gear S.

Samsung Gear S wearable SDK

Enhanced Standalone Features

Develop enhanced standalone Gear app with enhanced network, call and Location-based APIs. Samsung Gear S can solely connect 3G network without mobile devices.

New Sensor APIs

  • Try Magnetic, Ambient Light, Barometer, and UV Sensor APIs which are added newly as well as Accelerometer and Gyroscope APIs.

Rich Notification

  • Create variety of notifications for Gear using Samsung Rich Notification SDK.Rich Notification SDK

Data Transfer

  • Connect GALAXY device to Gear device, and send messages, data, and files using Samsung Accessor

Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) is a comprehensive set of tools for developing Web applications, native applications, and the platform component for Tizen.  If you are interested in developing apps for Samsung Gear and Gear S please download the SDK at


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