Gear Tennis for Gear 2 smartwatch

Here is another game from Vykthur, it’s a ping pong game for your Gear 2 device, don’t let your time get idle, if you have a Gear 2 smartwatch its time to load it with some fun game, the Gear Tennis for Gear 2, I think this is a cool game for your watch especially those who love to play tennis or ping pong sort of game.

Gear Tennis app for Gear 2

According to the developer you can tilt the your wrist or tap it to play, and get the highest score,   it has a very simple mechanics but fun to play with, Gear Tennis for Gear 2 see more details about the app below:

Name: Gear Tennis

Developer: Vykthur

Website :

Contact Twitter Account: Personal @vykthur Company : @denvycom


Gear Tennis for Gear 2 smartwatch
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Gear Tennis is a clean, easy to play ping pong game to keep you entertained on the go! How fast are your reflexes ? How well can you tap or balance your wrist ? Yup, you guessed it right, you have the option of controlling your tennis paddles either by tapping on the screen or tilting your wrist (handsfree .. oops ..fingerfree) . And it gets faster as you score more!!

Gear Tennis app for Gear 2 game

How to Play

  • Swipe left and right in the home screen to view the game menu options .
  • Select Play to start a new game! Gain points by hitting the ball. Don’t miss!
  • Select How To, to view instructions on how to play Gear Tennis
  • Select High Score to view your best performance
  • Select Settings to modify your game preferences

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