Tizen SDK for Smart TV Available for Download Soon

Although the focus on the Tizen O.S is on the smartphone as well as its wearable gears,  there are times that the smart TV enters the spotlight, the rumor about Samsung unveiling a smart TV on the coming Tizen Developers Conference  is a hot topic its been the topic for several weeks, and the subject of Tizen developers but this news has no confirmation from Samsung.

Samsung Smart TV Tizen

Several months ago Samsung executive confirmed that they have plans to develop a smart TV running a Tizen operating system, and  at last Samsung TV running Tizen is almost close to reality as Samsung confirmed that they will release a software development kit (SDK) for Tizen OS based TV’s, now developers can create apps intended for Tizen based smart TV, if you want to know more about it, according to Samsung it will be demoed in the  Tizen Developers Conference that will start on June 2, 2014, so far a Beta version will be shown to the developers the said SDK will have a strong support for HTML 5 plus it will have developer support for hand motions and voice commands.

The SDK will also have the capability to have a multi-screen options for connectivity with mobiles and wearable device, the SDK will be release this coming July, but Samsung did not release any official statement on the availability of smartTV running Tizen operating system.


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