Tizen Curved Smart TV – Prototype Shows Great UI

Samsung gave us a sneak speak of Tizen Curved smart TV, the prototype shows how far the home grown operating system has reached when it comes to smart TV, if you are not familiar the Tizen operating system has been integrated into different devices, some of its products are already in the market such as camera and smartwatches and the long awaited smartphone is coming soon in the market.

Samsung Tizen Smart TV-2

The Tizen smartTV prototype looks amazingly good, it’s a preview of what it could be in store for us in the months to come, the UI looks good, and its divided into several sections, it has several menus like Live TV, Photo and Video, Music, App, by clicking the apps, you can see a preview on the left pane side of the Tizen Smart TV, it shows and runs the video or photo while you select options and menus on the right side pane. It has a quick responsive user interface, with a grid like look that resembles a tablet PC menu.

Samsung Tizen Smart TV

Well for the options on how to control your smart TV, you can control your TV with a remote or your mobile device as a keyboard and a mouse, with your smartphone there is no need to install additional application as the TV is platform independent meaning it will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

So far the Tizen TV is in a prototype stage, and we might see more amazing features in months to come, well for the release date the Samsung executives did not give any specific on when it will be available to the public, but he made an assurance that it will be in the market very soon. With the sneak peak of Tizen powered smart TV, it really shows that Samsung is really eager to use Tizen in its smart devices and one day might be the O.S where its entire product revolves.


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