Samsung Gear Live Trademark –Filed by Samsung in the U.S

Remember that we reported several days ago (May 29, 2014) about Samsung’s application for Samsung Gear Live Trademark in Korea, the new trademark is about a wearable device that communicates data to personal digital assistants, smart phones, and personal computers through internet websites and other computer and electronic communication networks, the trademark in the Korean Intellectual Property Office number is 4020140035232.(see details)

Samsung Gear Live US Trademark

This is another Samsung wearable with another Gear on its name, the Gear Live is not yet confirmed whether it will run the Tizen O.S or Androidwear. But it is possible that it will somewhat similar to its functionality with Gear 2, Gear Solo, Gear Clock and Gear Now.

But we are pretty sure that Samsung is planning to pursue this device as Samsung just secured the trademark today in the U.S (we first spotted just minute ago), the SAMSUNG GEAR LIVE was successfully registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the trademark has a serial number 86297384 and was filed last June 2, 2014, and on its description is a wearable device related to smartwatches.

  •   Watches that communicate data to personal digital assistants, smart phones, tablet PCs, PDA
  •   Wearable computers; Wearable mobile phones; Smartphones in the shape of a watch; Mobile devices in the shape of watchband

Word Mark    Samsung Gear Live

Serial Number           86297384

Filing Date      June 2, 2014

Owner   (APPLICANT) Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. CORPORATION REPUBLIC OF KOREA 129, Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do REPUBLIC OF KOREA


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