[Report] Samsung Standalone Smartwatch – Works without a Phone

It’s been the talk of tech industry for several weeks, a smartwatch with a USIM, based on the leaked information it might be the Gear 2 Solo, a standalone smartwatch that runs the Tizen operating system, the existence of Gear 2 Solo smartwatch has been confirmed when a shipment manifest from Korea to India shows a Gear Solo smartwatch send to India for R & D purpose. (see details).

Now a new report of WSJ suggest that Samsung is developing a smartwatch that is standalone meaning it will not be relying anymore on your smartphone to work, instead it will have its own USIM slot, with this it has the capability to send and receive messages without being tethered to a smartphone it can also send email, it has additional features such as GPS, Bluetooth and a heart rate monitor the said smartwatch will also going to be powered by Tizen operating system but Samsung did not mentioned the name of it whether it’s the Gear 2 Solo or another variant of smartwatch.

Gear 2 smartwatch Gear Solo

So far there are smartwatches in the market that has a USIM integrated but so far its unattractive as it is much bulkier somewhat a smartwatch looking like a phone, hopefully Samsung can create a standalone smartwatch that is slimmer and more compact and might similar to Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo or much better.

The smartwatch industry is said to boom this year and the next couple of years, although right now the sales of smartwatches is just a pinch compared to smartphones, the tech companies cannot ignore the fact that smartwatch has the possibility to be the Next Big Thing. Stay tuned for more news updates on the Gear 2 smartwatch follow us!


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