Gear Solo -USIM Embedded Smartwatch

Seems like the rumors is true about a new version of Gear, unlike the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo that needs to be sync with Galaxy smartphones, and other compatible devices, the new Gear is equipped with a universal subscriber identity module or USIM according to the report of Korea Herald.

Gear 2 smartwatch Gear Solo

The new Gear is a standalone smartwatch, dubbed the Gear Solo, with a USIM integrated to the Gear Solo itself the users can make and receive calls without syncing it with smartphones. Based on the patent filed by Samsung in Korean Intellectual Property Office the Gear Solo is somewhat similar to Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, it only differs from the two by its USIM. So far based on the rumors the Gear Solo will only going to be available in Korea first but no news on its availability in the U.S or other countries. If the above leaked information is correct this is going to be the third smartwatch for Samsung.

Samsung did not give any details on the availability of it or if the said smartwatch is powered by Tizen or not. But hopefully it will materialize as users want a standalone smartwatch that can provide them with features not just a device to accompany their smartphones.


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