Yoyo Games Tizen Game Drive List of Winners

Finally Yoyo Games announced the winners in their Tizen Game Drive contest that started November 21, 2013 through January 31, 2014, previously more than 40 winners of Random prize draw got lucky and won $1,000 dollars for their games (see details), this time Yoyo Games announced the lucky winners  for their Grand Prize Tizen Game Drive contest. The 1st prize winner with $10,000 dollars in cash goes to “Scrap Hunt” by Anton Hultdin a great game where you will venture into a series of missions in which you’ll have to avoid mines & torpedoes and destroy enemy flying saucers & laser shooting sharks. Cool Game!

Yoyo Games

The second prize goes to Dumpling by Song Wang and Overdroy by Roberto Fauri both will receive $2,500 dollars, the third position goes to  five developers they will receive $1,000 dollars each “Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe”, “Switchcraft”, “Aces of the Luftwaffe”, “Galactic Missile Defense” and “Robo Corp”. All of them created their games in one of the leading game creator for different platforms “GameMaker: Studio”.

See more details about the list of winners for the Tizen Game Drive contest below:

Yoyo Games Tizen Game Drive List of Winners

1st and $10,000: 

Anton Hultdin for “Scrap Hunt”

 2nd and $2,500 each:

Song Wang for “Dumpling” and Roberto Fauri for “Overdroy”

 3rd and $1,000 each: 

Zombie Indie for “Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe”

Jet Stone Studios for “Switchcraft”

Handy Games for “Aces of the Luftwaffe”

Black Sheep Games for “Galactic Missile Defense”

CKS Games for “Robo Corp”



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