Tizen PC the Latest Tool for Tizen Developers

Tizen PC the latest tool for Tizen Developers
Tizen PC the latest tool for Tizen developers, during the Samsung Developer day they showed some features of Tizen PC – a PC in development for developers to create apps for in the Tizen PC platform, so why would Tizen create this tool if anyone can just download the SDK and run it on the existing operating system? Well according to the management using the Tizen PC developers can create seamless apps for Tizen, the O.S and hardware has a great marriage that will and can provide developers with the best performance to handle high workloads to compile a variety of application code for Tizen.

Tizen PC the latest tool for Tizen Developers

Tizen PC is being developed to provide developers with a handy Linux based platform

  • Ideal for coding for Tizen mobile applications with performance to handle demanding compiling workloads
  • demonstrated on an Intel i7 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook at TDC 2013
  • GNOME 3 Based distribution

The Tizen PC was first seen running on an Intel i& Ivy bridge Ultrabook at Tizen Developers Conference 2013, the demo received positive reviews and kudos to the Tizen executives as they provide the developers to create apps seamlessly for Tizen platform with the help of Tizen PC. See the link below for Tizen PC Demo.

The software will be available for GNOME 3 Tizen PC-based on Linux distribution, so far developers who are having an issue developing apps using other operating system with the GNOME 3 Desktop Environment  you can develop apps without so much issue with the O.S as well as the hardware. Plus it has a social features allow users to keep up-to-date with the latest news and announcements from their social circles. With the GNOME and Tizen PC combined it will be a great tool for developers to create apps for Tizen.

Tizen DEMO video

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