SmartNotify App Now in Tizen Platform

SmartNotify App Now in Tizen Platform

SmartNotify app is a communication app that will help you organize your messages, with this amazing app you will save thousands of dollars and as well as time, the Smartnotify can filter messages, delays and even sort your inbound messages. The application with its smart algorithm and API request calls can evaluate and choose the best channels to broadcast your messages; with the app you can receive the communications you want, at the time you want. Already available for iOS and Android it is now in Tizen Platform.

SmartNotify App Now in Tizen Platform

According to Gregory Menvielle  the CEO and founder of Pyramedium the app is created with HTML 5, they used the HTML 5 technology because  it is simple to deploy the same software, and experience, across multiple platforms without wasting a lot of coding time and resources.( interview by Intel to Gregory Menvielle).

Like any other communications app in the market today the SmartNotify can receive and send sms as well as calls, it also has the capability to take messages just in case you miss it and even turn voice into text if you want to transcript the message, these are some of the options that the application can do. According to the company more features will be added to SmartNotify app, features like geo-fencing, recommendations, and multi-languages.

Here are some of the notable features of the SmartNotify App for Tizen

Better protection:
You can make calls, send SMS, and handle emails from the application and people will only see your public information.

Better Privacy: 
You get to decide who has your public information vs. your private information

Back-up and prevention:
If you lose your cellphone , don’t let them access your personal information, with the app they can add extra security layer so you know your information is secured and private.

See the right plans that suit your business, See Package Plan some of the plans include Message scheduling (SMS, emails), Voicemail, Call forwarding, Inbound + Outbound calls from the browser, Daily data backup and 24*7 site monitoring, Call analytics + marketing intelligence and Group calling + SMS messaging

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