Tizen Getting Ahead with the Competition with its Smart Refrigerator

Tizen Getting Ahead with the Competition with its Smart Refrigerator

After Samsung released the NX300M camera the first device powered by Tizen operating system, here comes again another device, no it’s not a smartphone or another camera the new hardware is a refrigerator a Tizen smart refrigerator.

if you are wondering why Samsung is releasing other products powered by Tizen instead of a smartphone, think again, this is a smart move by Samsung and it’s good for Tizen, Samsung wants to be the first one on the line, releasing products that are not yet conquered by competitors, remember that Samsung wants Tizen to be in all of the digital devices, camera, refrigerators, vehicle infotainment etc., I guess they think that this is the best place to start introducing the Tizen operating system, and it has much more success compared to releasing a smartphone to compete with the leading smartphone operating system just for the sake of releasing it fast.

Samsung’s strategy is slow but sure.. a slow pace yes but it’s a good one as we all know human has the tendency to fear the unknown, Tizen is an unknown O.S to those who are not in the field of technology, introducing the Tizen O.S to the public in these devices is good, educating the consumers about Tizen O.S as well as trying to send a message that if Tizen is great for these products how much more if it its running in your smartphone. When the smartphone powered by Tizen is out in the wild it will not be hard for the consumers to switch to Tizen operating system as they are already familiar with the operating system and its features.

Well what about the smart fridge, according to the report the new smart fridge has a built –in PAD with a display that will show notifications about your refrigerator such as the content, maybe you can see the content of your refrigerator online, ( like this idea), of course there will be some reminders and dates as well and other stuff that makes your refrigerator a smart fridge such as notifications about the content of your refrigerator.

Well for the specifications the Tizen Smart Fridger do have a Nexell Application processor, 512 or 256 MB or RAM with WIFI and with built in flash storage. Well for the release date of the product it is expected that Samsung will showcase the product next year in the CES 2014, along with SmartTV.

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