Tizen Apps: Travel Translator, Climb for your Life, Jungle Chaos

Tizen Apps: Travel Translator, Climb for your Life, Jungle Chaos

This is our second installment to the Tizen app spotted on the net, this past few weeks we have seen a lot of apps made for Tizen, most of the apps are games others are productivity office app. This week also more support has been given to developers as new tools are added in the arsenal of tools for creating apps in Tizen platform.

Tizen Apps showing on the net shows that more developers want to be the first one to have their apps in the Tizen store as well as other developers are hoping to be one of the winners in the Tizen App Challenge and have a share of the pie in the more than $ 4 million dollar prize, and they will have this chance especially those who just started to develop apps for Tizen, the end of Submission has been moved to December 8, 2013, so guys what are you waiting for this is the time to have the slice of that pie.

Anyway here are some of the apps spotted on the net that we think deserves some accolades. 

Travel Translator the app is an application to translate a dialect or language to another foreign language a very good help for travelers, the can translate spoken or type text with accuracy, already available in 37 languages the app has a built in speech recognition and text to speech features. The app is can translate to text to this languages Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese , Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Sweden, Taiwan Mandarin.

Climb for Life – a game develop for Blackberry now have a Tizen version app, the game is from iMeev Games.

Kiba & Kumba: Jungle Chaos

Jungle Chaos now has a version for Tizen platform, the app was developed by using SpeelJS, the game has a mobile app version for Android , iOS and has a high store ratings it is simply a jump and run game. It is fully localized for the German, turkish and international market. Check the web version of the app here Jungle Chaos Web Version
If you have any idea about other Apps for Tizen send as some information we would love to write about it.

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