Systena First Tizen Tablet Developer Built Kit (PHOTOS)

Systena First Tizen Tablet Developer Built Kit (PHOTOS)

Remember that we wrote an article before about the first Tizen tablet by Systena several months ago, we have seen the specs as well as it features, the released has one of the signs that Tizen is in a roll to compete with the smartphone operating system in the market. After that it’s been a quite months for Tizen, the fans are waiting for new developments, hardware that runs Tizen, but it has been an idle moments.

At last we have a new development.. Great news.. Systena Corporation rolled out its first tablet powered by Tizen during the Japan IT Week 2013, just days before the Samsung Developers Conference (where the possibility of Tizen hardware’s will be unveiled).

The first Tizen tablet is intended as a developer’s kit, they can used the tablet to create and develop apps for Tizen or any other hardware that they want to integrate to the new operating system, the new tablet looks good and pretty decent. The specs are (1200 × 1920 pixels) LCD WUXGA with the Quad-core CPU of 1.4GHz, 2GB memory and (Cortex-A9) (RAM), 32GB storage upgradable to 64 GB with its micro sd support, the table do have (Wi-Fi) wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant 3.0 + HS Bluetooth connectivity. The Tizen tablet is equipped with camera 2 million pixels 300,000 pixels front / back, the Tizen tablet runs the Tizen 2.1 operating system and not the Tizen 3.0 that we saw from the rumored Tizen smartphone that leaked online, we have seen the photos of it and we must say it is pretty sleek, looks good.

The set of development kit tablet is available in two colors Red and White, you can check more information about the Tizen Tablet on the Systena website at Systena Project Tizen Products. See the list of photos below, in the recently concluded Japan IT Week 2013.

Back Panel of Systena Tizen Tablet

Photo Credits: and Systena

UPDATE: New Video Demo of Systena Tizen Tablet

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